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Racing across America and win against other opponents. You will have the greatest experiment in your life with America Racing 2 at ABCya3. Get started!


The second season of cool racing game America Racing is available now. America Racing 2 is brought to you by ABCya 5 Games can even give you greater experience and hours of joy.


You can not miss it. You join in the craziest racing in the ultimate high-speed challenge and feel free to crush or eliminate other competitors on the track. You must try your best to finish all the laps first in order to move to next races.


You can draft behind other cars to gain speed and of course, do not forget to use the boost to leave other cars far behind. Get in your car, switch on the engine and fly straight to the destination. Are you ready? Try other similar racing games at the ABCya game, for example Mario Kart Racing 2.



Arrows / WASD = Drive, X / Ctrl / Shift= Activate Turbo.

You can play American Racing, too.

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