Angry Cat Shot

Angry Cat Shot

Do not be confused with Angry Birds. It’s Angry Cat Shot at abcya games - an interesting physics-based game. Just like basketball, you have to hit a cat into the ring.

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Angry Cat Shot GamePlay:

Are you looking for a game that every member of your family can enjoy, even kids and adult? Then, you must try Angry Cat Shot at https://abcya3.net. It’s interesting enough to attract children and challenging enough to make adult get addicted. It’s based on the famous game called Angry Birds that most people knows. Are you curious about it? Let’s check it out. Your mission in this game is to hit the cat into the ring while collecting all stars in every level.

The game offers in a total of 30 stages challenge your observation skills. Each level has its own challenges that you have to overcome. If you don’t complete the current level, you can’t unlock the next level. You should know that the difficulty in every level is not the same. It increases little by little as you level up. You must adjust the angle and the strength of the shot to shoot the cat into the ring and collect the stars on it. The angle must be accurate and the strength must not be too weak or too strong. Follow the trade the abcya game offers to make a perfect shot.

Some of the first levels, you easily finish them perfectly but in the next levels, you will find it harder to win because you not only have to hit the cat into one ring and get 1 star but 2 or more rings and 2 or more stars. Let’s see how well are you in this game. Let’s conquer all levels with the highest score. Good luck! Besides this game, there is one option that you should try called Streets Rage and Mannequin Head. Have fun!

Instructions: Use your mouse to launch the cat pass through the rings.

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