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Armor Mayhem is an addictive futuristic shooting game at ABCya3. Aim of the game is to fight for control over a limited supply of infinite power crystals. Control your character with WASD and use your mouse to aim and shoot. Pick up armor and weapons with S and create even more mayhem! We have added three other options for you with the same shooting game genres include: Bearbarians by Armor Game & Raze 2 or Raze 3. Surely this is a fun game you can never ignore.


The Earth ran out of energy. Finding a new planet full of resources but war starts at the same time. How can be survival? Play Armor Mayhem at ABCya!

Armor Mayhem is an interesting shooting game that you will find the attractive differences compared to the others. At this free ABCya Games, you will participate in a survival battle. Once upon a time, humanity is at risk due to running out of energy. Various companies have put their hand on research to find new resources.


After a long time, they have found a planet which has infinite power crystals but limited. At that time, the war started. They fight to own this source of energy. This is where the story begins. You’re a part of this war. You have to join the fights to take control over this precious material. Pick up armor and hold weapons tightly to kill all your enemies who're also thirsty for this resource.


Who can be the winner? Who is able to be the owner of it? Is it you or your enemies? This game has epic graphics and cool gameplay that you can not ignore if you accidentally click on it at ABCya 3. What more are you looking for in a shooting game? You definitely satisfied with this one.


You can find many other challenge games to conquer at game ABCya, such as  Have a great time here! How to play: Aim and shoot with your mouse, press S to pick up armor and weapons, use WASD to move and jump.

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