Welcome to the beautiful beach of Beach Fight IO! Show off all your shooting skills and challenge any opponents in the battle. Let’s play at ABCya. 

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Beach Fight IO is a funny shooting game for everyone with many attractive points at ABCya games online. However, in this exciting shooting game, you don’t need to use guns to shoot, all you need is to shoot the balls in the enemy. It sounds very interesting, right? It is a wonderful time to join this fun multiplayer game at Abcya 3 now! 

Choose a cute character and your favorite color to start the battle on the beach! Keep your eyes to control your character wisely, move continuously and knock down all other players in the game. To complete this mission, you only need to shoot the balls in enemies until they run out of energy and disappear on the screen. 

Try your best to get more energy after enemies died and avoid being destroyed by their bullets. Note that, there are many players who are trying to kill you, so you should observe carefully and give a reasonable tactic in the game. What are you waiting for? Play online and download for free at game online Abcya games Online

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How to play?
Use WASD to move, the mouse to aim or shoot.

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