Birdy Trick - Having fun with the birds in the space sky

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Birdy Trick

Birdy Trick

Lost in an extremely beautiful kingdom and many different animals on this planet. Join now Birdy Trick at abcya3 games to earn stars. Have fun!

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Birdy Trick GamePlay:

Flying keeps a safe distance from obstacles and helps you to safely reach the finish line with your bird in the game Birdy Trick at abcya3 games. Help it collect food and give yourself the most experience when participating in this mission. You need to control a bird flying in the air but this gameplay is completely different from other types of flying bird games. Because it has only obstacles below and above. So you need to help it move. It can go wherever it feels safest. You can combine to collect as many stars as this way to help you get a high score.

There will be other big monster birds blocking your way because they appear very suddenly and need to rush fast to avoid their attack. Search for a safe place to avoid any collision. Thunderclouds are also a deadly trap and cannot be touched. Try to collect as many different birds as possible to form the most powerful army. Experience the feeling of flying and staying safe as much as possible and bees and other creatures are rushing towards.

Don't worry if you are a confident person and have accurate observations. You can fully explore and conquer the challenge that the game offers. You can play this game Birdy Trick at yourself with all your friends and train yourself a skill to control the safest wise bird. Do you want to experience some other similar flying bird game genres like Atari Asteroids and Pawn Boss

Control: Use mouse to keep balance in for birds looking and refreshing challenges.

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