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Another version of point-and-cut game is here at ABCya 3 arcade game to satisfy the lovely players who are the fans of this genre: Bulica! Be flexible in cutting the ropes and stack up the barrels correctly to win the game!

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Búlica GamePlay:

Multiple levels with challenging and unique patterns are waiting for the best players who can conquer them within the shortest timeframe in Bulica! It's one of the new arcade games from ABCya 2021 games which will bring back the classic theme of cutting the ropes and releasing the items. If you used to enjoy Cut The Rope and such, this one will be the most perfect option for you to fill your free time with mind-wrecking tasks and missions. You will control the sharp scissors and cut the string when it's necessary to bring down the coin successfully.

The coin can be collected once it's inside a wooden barrel that is placed at the bottom of the platform. The position of this barrel might change from level to level, so keep an eye out for it. Once the ball hits the wooden barrel, you can move onto the next level and start thinking of the way to win the next one. The first levels are going to be easy because you just need to cut the right strings one by one. Later, the players have to think of the timing and might even have to cut two or more strings at the same time.

Once the Bulica or the wooden barrel is filled, you can release the wooden pegs to open the way, which leads to more unlocked challenges later! This game is suitable for not only kids but for adults also, and you can play regardless of your location. Don't forget that you can freely dive into our long list of arcade games at https://abcya3.net/ with a great example of Tour Of The Santa Claus and Draw Missing Part Puzzle

How to cut the string in Bulica: Slide the mouse through the screen to cut the strings and release the wooden pegs or cut it using the touchpad/ the device screen.

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