Bus Driver Weekdays 2

Bus Driver Weekdays 2

Control a bus is a challenge. As a bus driver, your priority is to keep your passengers safe and drop them at their destinations. Play Bus Driver Weekdays 2 online at abcya games online

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Bus Driver Weekdays 2 GamePlay:

Are you good at driving? If you’re completely confident about your driving skills when controlling a small car like sports car or SUVs, then it can’t tell you are a great driver. Challenge yourself as a local bus driver in Bus Driver Weekdays 2 online at https://abcya3.net/. This driving game puts you in the seat of a bus. Your goal is to pick up passengers and deliver them to the next bus station. However, drive along vehicle along the route without crashing into objects or other cars is really challenging.

You will find it hard to control your bus, especially when driving through the turns. You must careful and check the street to avoid crashing. Besides, you need to check the map to find the shortest and easiest route to the next bus stop. You should know that the longer the route, the more fuel you need. Keep your fuel tank full by refilling it on gas stations and repair your bus at service stations. The road detours make you spend a lot of time and gas. Remember to park your buss on the bus stops to allow your passengers boarding and deboarding.

The safety of your passengers are your priority, so don’t accelerate if it’s necessary. Look at the right corner of the screen, you will see 2 indicators show the amount of gas and the damage of the car. If these numbers drop too much, you should find gas stations or service stations right away. Are you ready for this challenge? Let’s start the show. There are many awesome driving games waiting for you such as Vehicle Simulator 2 and Stunt Simulator. Enjoy!

Controls: Use arrow keys/ WASD to drive, Spacebar to use handbrake, press M to view the map.

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