• Celebrity Easter Fashionista

Celebrity Easter Fashionista

Celebrity Easter Fashionista

Do you know the date of Easter? What do you need to prepare? Join the Celebrity Easter Fashionista online game at abcya3 games to enjoy it. Let's go!

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Celebrity Easter Fashionista GamePlay:

Welcome to the Celebrity Easter Fashionista online game at abcya3. You will become a fashion expert on Easter style. Famous people accept invitations to attend and your task is to prepare carefully and luxuriously for them to appear on this holiday. Are you ready to start this fascinating game? Together we will join the exciting new game. What do you need to prepare yourself? We need a technique to understand the rules of play in this game. Do you celebrate Easter? These celebs will get together for Easter to do all sorts of fun and creative activities.

They will be getting ready for Easter! Browse their wardrobe and choose the perfect outfit for them. Come and join your favorite celebrities in the Celebrity Easter Fashionista online game. You'll use your fashion skills to give celebrities a chic look. These days they need to be formal and polite. Are you willing to help them show up for the ceremony?

They will be delighted to receive their help. They will feel happier, and more confident when walking on Easter. Choose your wardrobe in turn and combine them to match. Don't forget to apply light makeup and choose beautiful accessories to make the outfit perfect. You will become stylish in the eyes of your fans. You are sought after by journalists everywhere, so you need to be in front of the camera. Try to build trust with your fans. Experience a lot of new and special points when participating in this game. We will share many memories with friends. The gameplay is very simple, the graphics are very eye-catching, and you will play enthusiastically. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Hover Skirt and Cinderella And Prince Charming

Instructions: Touch the screen to play.

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