Chaos Faction 2

Chaos Faction 2

It’s time to clear all evil gangs, undead, and monsters in the city. You are the one who will take this mission. Enter Chaos Faction online at abcya games and start action now! Enjoy!

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Chaos Faction 2 GamePlay:

Are you ready for smashing action time? Do you want to do some activities like fighting against the bad guys? Do you want to release anger? If yes, you should jump into Chaos Faction 2 right away.

This cool action game will meet all your desires. Here at https://abcya3.net/, some evil gangs, hordes of zombies and monsters are spreading chaos and destruction everywhere. They appear all over the city. It’s time to clean your city and save the day by eliminating all of them. How to do that? Simply use your kungfu skills. Release the strength from your moves and attacks. This game offers various fighting arena and enemies. Choose the stage you want, customize your hero and ready to conquer everything in campaign, deathmatch and survival mode. Each mode requires you to complete different missions. In Deathmatch, you start a custom game with your own rules and settings.

In Campaign mode, you have to complete various challenges to progress through the game while you must survive as long as you cab when against increasingly tough opponents in Survival mode. Whatever mode you choose, you hit other players 5 times without getting hit to get the race. You now can perform a super-powerful race attack. Besides, a punch that gets more powerful the longer you charge it up. Combine strategically between hit, kick and punch to K.O your opponents after a few seconds. So what more are you looking for? The fade of your city is up to you. Jump in and action now before it’s too late. Have a great time!

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Instructions: Use arrow keys to move, Z/X to attack, D to drop the weapon, Spacebar to pause the game.

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