Chicken House 2

Chicken House 2

It’s time for the explosion. In the fun physics-based puzzle game called Chicken House 2 at abcya 3 games, you must find a perfect way to kill all chickens in every level.

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Chicken House 2 GamePlay:

Chicken House 2 is an addictive physics-based puzzle game that you should never miss if you are finding something fun, simple while challenging. In this game, you are not going to save any pool animals or defeat any evil forces to bring the piece back for the world but you will destroy everything.

Here at https://abcya3.net/, your objective is to kill all the chickens and eggs in each level. You simply click on the objects like wood bar or glass to break them and make the chickens explode. It sounds simple but actually hard because the chickens and eggs are protected by their wood, glass and stone house. You need to look carefully to find the best way to kill them as fast as possible. The more objects explode, the more points you get. Pass through each level is quite easy but complete them with 3 stars is so challenging.

The game offers in a total of 24 levels including 12 easy levels and 12 hard ones. You have to finish the current level to unlock the new one. As you level up, the difficulty increases significantly. You will have to spend more time and effort to find out the best solution. Besides, if you fail on any level, you can replay it as many times as you want until you solve it perfectly. In any level, try to collect the gems to get more points.

If you get stuck, let’s ask for help from your friends. Enjoy the game with the others is always fun. Need more games to add to your favorite game list? You should know that many games are added regularly. Please check out Draw In and Hole In The Wall. You won’t want to miss it for sure.

Controls: Use your left click to break the objects.

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