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Have you ever participated in a Chinese wedding yet? Do you want makeup for the bride? Jump into Chinese Bride game at Abcya games for girls and become a talented stylist now! Many exciting and attractive experiences are waiting for you in Chinese Bride game for free. Much fun! 

Chinese Bride at ABCya 3 games is a fascinating and interesting game that will introduce you to traditional Chinese bride dresses. When you play the game, you will have the chance to become a professional and talented stylist who will make up and choose costumes for the brides. 

As you know, Chinese brides are carefully and meticulously crafted in every detail. The costumes and fashion accessories all bring the traditional and ancient features of the Chinese. Red always plays a major and important role in dresses and fashion accessories. In particular, the style of Chinese brides is different from other countries and carries the characteristic features of this large country. 

Before starting this game, I believe you will be impressed by the graphic design of the game. Pictures in the game are extremely lively and eye-catching. The details are crisp with outstanding colors and exquisite designs in every outfit. I bet that you will feel very happy and relaxed to play this game. 

In this game at abcyac, you will have 2 main tasks to perform as makeup and bride costume selection. With make-up, you have a lot of different options such as foundation, cheeks, lipstick, eyeliner, contact lenses and other make-up tools. Use your talent to choose and combine the harmonious and fresh colors. 

The second and last task for you is to choose wedding dresses and fashion accessories for the bride. You can choose from traditional hair styles, unique red dresses and princess-like accessories during the kingship. Don’t forget to combine earrings, necklaces, fans with specially designed Chinese, bracelets and other accessories. Please, combine the costumes and accessories to help your bride become the most beautiful of the day. 

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Choose and combine the costumes by using the mouse on the computer. 

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