Coinbox Hero

Coinbox Hero

Enrichment is not difficult. It’s true in Coinbox Hero at abcya games. This is an addictive clicker game in which your goal is to collect as many money as you can. Have fun!

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Coinbox Hero GamePlay:

Getting rich is never so easy. You don’t need to spend too must time and effort. You don’t have to spend 8 hours a day on working or you won’t suffer a headache to think about business strategies. Just by clicking, you can be a billionaire. In Coinbox Hero - an entertaining and addicting clicker game, all you need to do is to click and upgrade your character to the maximum level to earn more money.

Once you enter this abcya 3 game, you will find it hard to log out. Will you able to stop playing? Maybe not because it’s insanely simple and addictive. Collect thousands, millions or even billions of coins at ease. In the beginning, you are alone with a coin box and you have a cheering orchestra. You have your very first 200 dollars and you will multiply that amount by several times by pummelling the coinbox. This action releases its coin and you have to collect all of them, then upgrade your character to earn more cash flow.

Here at https://abcya3.net/, the better weapons the more money you earn. Besides, you can hire other workers to assist you in your enrichment journey. They will automatically work and you just have to collect coins. Yes, sound so easy, doesn’t it? It’s truly simple and easy. After a moment, you own a huge heritage and become the richest man in the work. Follow the rule: hit the coin box with any kinds of weapons, collect coins upgrade your heroes and repeat. Have fun!

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Controls: Use AD or left and right arrow key to move, spacebar to enter the store, mouse to aim and shoot.

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