Crunchy Munch

Crunchy Munch

Inspired by legendary Pacman, in Crunchy Munch online at abcya3, your mission is also to eat all the food and escape from the ghosts before being eaten. Enjoy!

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Crunchy Munch GamePlay:

You will realize immediately after entering the game that Crunchy Munch is just like Pacman, a legendary classic game that everyone love. Nothing is new here, except for the graphics and the mazes. Simply and addictive, the game will keep you staying inside until you complete all levels. In this abcya 3 games, you are put into a maze in which you have to collect all the food including the red one and the yellow one to complete the current level and unlock the next one.

You only move to the next maze when eating all the food placed along the way in the maze. Here at abcya, you control the yellow, big mouth muncher go around the maze and eat everything. However, you will be chased by various ghosts. In the first level, there is only one ghost trying to catch you, but as you level up, more and more ghosts appear. Besides escaping from them, eating the red food allows you to eat the ghosts. By doing that, the ghost will hide in their cave for a while, then they start chasing you.

There is a limited number of the red food on each level, so you should save them, and eat when needed. After all the food is gone, you will automatically move to the next level. During the game, you have only 3 lives. If your lives run out in any level, you have to start again from the level 1. Try your best to move strategically and watch out for those ghosts. Good luck with your adventure. Many new games add into https://abcya3.net/ regularly. You should check out these following options, then you will love them such as Fruit Master and Block World

How to play:

Use your arrow keys to control the muncher to eat all the food in the maze.

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