Crush the Castle Adventures

Crush the Castle Adventures

Help the king to conquer other kingdoms to impress his beloved Lady Catapult in Crush the Castle Adventures online at abcya3. Prove you’re the strongest king ever!

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Crush the Castle Adventures GamePlay:

The king is crying because his crush Lady Catapult said he was too weak. Let’s help the king prove his strength by defeating other kingdoms and make Lady Catapult change her mind about him. In Crush the Castle Adventures at abcya game for kid, you will use only one catapult to conquer other kingdoms. In the beginning, you will walk through an instruction that helps you learn about how to use a catapult.

After training, you start pulling troops to attack other kingdoms on the map. Controlling the catapult is not easy at all. It’s much hard than control mechanisms in Angry Birds, though they have the same gameplay. You must define the angle of the shot in order to make the rock fall to the right target. Don’t worry.

After playing for a while, you will be the master of using a catapult. In each kingdom, you have a different mission to complete. The difficulty increases over the time. At abcya3 game, sometimes you have to use only one shot to wipe out your enemies while in other ones, you must defeat your foes but don’t allow to harm innocent creatures staying in the fortress of the enemy. You will soon release how hard they are. Travel across the huge land and eliminate all fortresses and enemies for the king’s lover.

Don’t make him sad and disappointed. Have a great time! You can find many related games at https://abcya3.net/ Some of the best choices that you shouldn’t miss are Air Fight & Block World

How to play: Play the game with your mouse.

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