Death Chase

Death Chase

The race between the best racers on the planet is available for you in Death Chase at Abcya games. Race against other players and become the best racer with Death Chase now!

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The race between the best racers on the planet is available for you in Death Chase at Abcya games. Race against other players and become the best racer with Death Chase now!


Welcome to the most attractive racetrack around the world of Death Chase at Abcya Games Online! Come to this cool racing game, you will have the chance to explore many wonderful experiences in life. Race with challenges, race with your passion, and race with your speed at Abcya. What are you thinking? Get into your favorite car and leave other opponents behind on the racetrack at Abc ya.


This game will attract your attention by many points in the game. The first point you must mention is that the graphics are very excellent with brilliant color images and dynamic motion in the game. All of them will make you feel like you are in a real race with so many different levels of emotions at Abcay.


The second point, the gameplay is attractive and dramatic with many levels and specific targets in the game. In each level, you will have specific goals for time, money and points. If you pass all these goals, you will accomplish the task. Therefore, keep your eyes to control your car carefully, leave other talented opponents behind and become the first to the destination on the race track.


The last, this is not an endless race, so you can keep the result through each level. You will have the opportunity to explore more challenging situations at higher levels. It will bring you many levels of emotions such as nervous, attractive, regret. Is it attractive enough for you? Go ahead and conquer every racetrack at game Abcya.

Some basic information

Set in a vast forest with a variety of obstacles on the road, Death Chase at abc ya promises to bring you more exciting experiences for racers around the world. Warning! This is a race only for professional and talented racers. If you are confident enough, don’t think anymore, jump into this awesome racing game at abcya games and show off your driving skills.

Before starting this game, you can choose the online save mode or the local save mode on the screen. With the online save mode, you need to log in to use online save system or with the local save, game date will be saved on your computer. Therefore, I advise that you should try both modes and discover many unique experiences in the game at abcya3.

This game at Abcya Games has many levels for you to explore, so you will not feel bored on the track. Try your best to complete the level first and unlock the next levels on the journey. However, this task is not easy because you have to encounter many obstacles on the track such as rivers, blocks and mountains. Control your car wisely and pass through all deadly traps along the way.

How to deal with obstacles?

For each type of challenge, you need to have a rational strategy to solve them. For example at abcya, with the large iron circles that rotate continuously on the track, you need to wait for the right opportunity as the rotor swings up and pass them quickly. With the high mountains, you should keep your hand steadily and run in a straight line in the game. Don’t give up gas at critical times because your car will slip down the uphill. Besides, if you have trouble on the river, you need to drive quickly and avoid hitting obstacles.

One more thing, keep your eyes to collect tons of gold coins on the race track and get the highest score in the game at abcya3. With eye-catching graphics and great effects, I believe that Death Chase won’t make you feel disappointed. Enjoy many wonderful experiences with your friends!


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Use arrows to drive, Space to jump in the game.

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