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Become a rich man is not easy in real life. You must be talent, hardworking and lucky. But nothing is impossible in Digging Diamonds at https://abcya3.net. Your dream of becoming a billionaire or even trillionaire will come true. You just need to dig deeper and deeper into the ground to collect valuable minerals. Be patient and hardworking, and you will get rich soon. It is an addictive puzzle game in which your ultimate goal is to collect as many minerals as possible.

Dig through various levels and dig out all great stuff. Each level requires you to complete a certain depth to unlock the next level. You dig diamonds by throwing your pickaxe at matching minerals blocks of 2 or more to collect them. You stand far away from the digging field. When there is nothing you can collect in the digging field, it will approach a step into you. If you it comes close to you while you haven’t finished the depth requirement of that level, the game is over. Besides, you have to remember that when you throw your pickaxe into the wrong place, you will lose some golds, so be careful. You don’t want to lose any pennies, do you? Don’t throw your tools randomly.

Let’s observe carefully before action and you need to have a wisely plan to dig deeper into the ground. This game is fun and has a simple gameplay that suits all ages, for both kids and adults. You can challenge your friends and see who is the better miner. Keep digging and get rich. Have fun!

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How to play: Use your left mouse to throw your pickaxe.

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