Don't Shit Your Pants

Don't Shit Your Pants

If you are sad, Don’t Shit Your Pants will cheer you up immediately. Enter abcya games and check it out now. This unique typing game is insanely fun and interesting. Enjoy!

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Don't Shit Your Pants GamePlay:

Don't Shit Your Pants is a fun typing puzzle game in which your objective is simply to prevent a man who is standing beside a closed door from defecating in his pants. Sound simple and ridiculous, doesn’t it? It’s challenging too. The game offers you 10 achievements as 10 missions that you have to complete. There are many different endings that you can make. Each puzzle doesn’t have only one solution.

With the puzzle is You really need to take a shit, you have to think of the solution to help the man in the puzzle take a shit without shitting in his pants. You need to find a way to reduce the pressure in his guts. You have only 40 seconds to deal with that situation. This game is really unique and hilarious. You solve the puzzle by typing the answer. If you give an inappropriately answers, the conversation keeps going and you have to think of other ways.

Here at https://abcya3.net/, the toilet is closed. Sometimes, if you type open the door to enter the toilet, it doesn’t work. You simply type take off the pants using your hands and hits, it works. It depends on the requirement of achievement. The unexpected answer may be the best options. Try to think out of the box and you will get the great outcomes. Try different ways to experience more fun. The time is running, the man looks uncomfortable, let’s hurry up and help him.

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How to play: Use your keyboard and mouse to play this game.

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