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Dust Buster.io

Are you passionate about vacuum cleaners? If yes then join now in the game Dust Buster.io at abcya 3 gmaes to conquer all the challenges. Have fun!

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Dust Buster.io GamePlay:

Suck it all up in this vast city that will find you, even more, relaxation and excitement. Let's join with this one cleaning game Dust Buster.io at https://abcya3.net/ to give you lots of fun. Check if you can clear all of your enemies? This is a fighting game with all your teammates. you need to vacuum in a city.

You are a giant human using a vacuum cleaner. Collect on the tall buildings and friends who are on this road. You can suck everything in your machine. Try to move quickly and suck everything that you can. The more items you suck, the higher your score will be. No? You can also eat smaller animals. When you want to get a lot, it means your size will become even bigger. You will become the biggest surprise machine ever that no one can confront you. Let's bring yourself a lot of objects up to high-rise buildings and countless other things in this game. As long as you move anywhere, all objects will be attracted to you immediately.

Sounds appealing right? Release all the stress when participating in the mission of this game by sucking and moving. Become a giant player with the highest score in the game Dust Buster.io at abcya3 games Invite your friends to join the game now so that together can start many of the most fun and exciting moments ever. Get ready to participate in a few other similar object-sucking game genres like Poke.io and Dogod.io

Control: use mouse to move your giant character to break himself more.

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