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Fencing is one of many Olympic games that brings the thrill and action of swordplay for both players and viewers. Do you love fencing? Do you want to wear a white suit and hold a long sword and jump into a fencing battle, then compete against another player?

Welcome to Fencing online game at https://abcya3.net. It’s an action game for 2 players that you have to invite a friend or a family member, then start the battle. Remember that it has an only 2-player game mode. You can play alone if you are an ambidexter. If you can’t use both of two hands at the same time, then you must play with another player in the same device. In the game, you jump over the platforms, wield your sword to attack your opponent. Each player has 3 lives in a match. If you run out of life, you will reborn and keep fighting until the time is over. A match least 1 minute and within 1 minute who has the higher score is the winner.

Try your best to move flexibly, crouch or jump over your opponent to avoid being attacked. Watch out your back because your opponent will take advantage of your blind point to stab you. Besides, you also can apply the strategy of stabbing from the back to defeat your opponent. You and your friend: who is the better fencing man? Enter various matches, fight with your friends and win the battle with the highest score. Good luck! There are many related games to this one such as Mondo Hop and Coinbox Hero

How to play:

Player 1 - Use arrow keys to move and crouch, M to jump, N to stab; Player 2 - SDF to move and crouch, A to jump, Shift to stab.

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