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A unique house with moving objects is making the online game Flex Run at abcya 3 and more unique. You will feel a lot of fun while participating in this game. Enjoy with your friends and exercise to improve your fitness. The game is very new, moving objects in the house and you have to jump over it to avoid collision. The rules of the game are very simple, you will be able to achieve that goal. We will play and practice together to get the highest score. Help the agile gymnast dodge all the obstacles in a fun, agile race.

Furniture acts as an obstacle here. For each dodge, you will be rewarded with points for customizing the game character. Show all your flexibility. Enjoy all the unique things when participating in Flex Run online game at https://abcya3.net/. You will feel a lot of cool things about this game. What more do you need? We'll start the first hurdles. The house has a very long aisle. Our girl is doing flexing in that house. Objects that can move from the top down, you need to watch to make sure that each time you bend over that position, it's safe.

You will be standing on a mat. You need to observe very well to avoid obstacles. If you touch them, the game will end. Do you know the rules of the game yet? The game is very interesting. You will overcome all the obstacles of this game. Let's experience some other games similar to Ultra Pixel Survive Winter Coming and Rebel Gamio

Game controls: Control the gymnast with mouse or keyboard and dodge all furniture moving towards me.

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