Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim - Become a professional firefighter

  • Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

A very unique version of fire truck driving will be available in the online game Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim at abcya 3 game racing. Ready to explore now! Let's go!

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Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim GamePlay:

Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim at abcya 3 racing is an innovative driving simulation game that puts you in the role of a firefighter driving around a crowded city and being attacked by violent criminals. Drive your fire truck, put out fires, and save people from burning buildings. Whenever there is an emergency in the city, and the fire is taking lives. Well-trained firefighters are always on hand to rescue.

The rescue department has assigned you the task of preventing casualties. You will drive your flying fire truck to roam around the city and will try to control the situation. Your task is very simple, we will try to reach the goal of flying to the fire as quickly as possible and overcoming many attractive challenges. You need to perform a lot of skills to be able to overcome those fascinating challenges. Invite your friends to join the online game Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim at

Experience a lot of fun and excitement while driving fire trucks and flying in the sky. Flying truck driver. Interesting flying feature of cars. Realistic cars fly just like real airplanes. Discover many hidden features. Firefighter duty. You will fly and roam in the city all will be present in the game is very attractive and exciting. We will try to create a lot of fun and interesting things. Your friends will also start with huge conquering steps for the obstacles in this game. Mission and save people and you will succeed. We will share a lot of joy with our friends. Need to explore a lot of fun! You will practice being a very professional firefighter. Start right now! More new sensations! Challenge yourself by playing some other games similar to Drag Racing City and Climb Racing 3D

How to play: Use the WASD key to play.

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