Foreign Creature 2

Foreign Creature 2

Foreign Creature 2 at abcya online 3 is a horror game which just suits for those like adventure and discovery. Become an evil clone and destroy the whole world with a darkness army.

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Foreign Creature 2 GamePlay:

A planet inhabited by super high tech creatures. Their troops have been destroyed by King Smargudel. The troops were cornered. An evil master clones himself. This clone has a gene that makes him undetected by the opponents, so he can escape from this siege. The clone is too weak to deal with King Smargudel and his army right now. This throne is sent to the Earth to grow stronger and learn a lot about their deception and crimes.


After that, he will return the homeland with his darkness army, destroy the whole world and bring back the darkness throne for the evil master. In Foreign Creature 2 online at https://abcya3.net/, you play as this clone and you have to find a way to solve the puzzle in different scenes which makes the storyline keep going.


This is a bloody point-and-click thriller game full of horror and violence which is not suitable for all ages. It’s designed for those who want to challenge themselves with violent and bloody things in a unique game. In every scene, you have to look carefully and find the best solution to escape safely from a specific situation. Click on various objects in the scene and see what will happen. Your mission is to learn about the deception and crimes on Earth, build darkness army by spreading your gene and return your homeland and bring back your darkness throne.


There are many creepy and interesting things waiting for you to explore here. Hope you have a great time! Play more games on our website such as Streets Rage and Sheriff Lombardooo



Use your mouse to play this game.

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