Funny Rescue Sumo - Taking care of sumo after a wrestling match

  • Funny Rescue Sumo

Funny Rescue Sumo

Funny Rescue Sumo

Our sumo guy just entered a very intense wrestling match. He got an injury. Take care of him in the online game Funny Rescue Sumo at abcya 3 games. Come on!

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Funny Rescue Sumo GamePlay:

If you love sumo characters, do not miss the opportunity to join the online game Funny Rescue Sumo at to help and take care of him after each match. You will try to assist him in the tasks of taking care of his wounds, bathing, dressing, and making him happy. You will play the role of a nanny, both a medical worker and a fashion expert.

Are you ready to join this fascinating game? We will conquer all the challenges in this game and discover a lot of fun together. Are you ready to experience the game right now? Sumo looks messy after his battle. Rescue him immediately. Help him recover from his wounds and don't forget to give him a makeover. Enjoy the online game Funny Rescue Sumo now at  abcya 3 free online. You will do a lot of new things. Sumo after the game was very sad. Please choose pets for him to become happier. Coax him into a better mood, and then take him to a medical facility for wound care.

You will feel a lot of joy. Help him to smell good, clean, and heal and dress him up in beautiful clothes. His mood will be happier and feel very loved. You will feel a lot of fun and novelty in this game. We can fully explore and start the game with the new version. Sumo needs help and you are ready to do it. We will start with simple tasks, then we will take care of him more specifically. Surely he will be happy to help you. Feel a lot of surprises! Enjoy the fun of playing some more games like Rainbow Girls Halloween Salon and Halloween Clown Dressup

Game controls: Use the mouse to play the game.

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