Turn on your fun mode with at ABCya, a cool multiplayer online shooting game with retro-styled pixel graphic. Join a room and choose between terrorist or counter terrorist team. Your objective is to hide behind objects to protect yourself from enemy shots and try to shoot down opponents.


The first team to make 25 kills wins the match, so be careful and aim like a real killer. Use bonuses and shoot as fast and precisely as you can to crouch back out of danger. Enjoy Gunfightio!

Controls: Arrows / AD = move, Arrows / WS = stand up / crouch, Mouse = aim / shoot

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Welcome to the most interesting shooting battle with many players around the world in at games io! Here you will have the opportunity to become a professional gunner and show off your talented shooting skills. Join a room, choose counter – terrorists or terrorists and some maps such as factory, train, tutorial or office in the game.


You should remember that with each map you will have many advantages and disadvantages in killing enemies. Therefore, you should consider carefully before selecting the models in the battle. However, I suggest that you should play all maps to get many wonderful experiences in life. Ready to shoot down any your opponent and become the last man standing in the battle.


One more thing, when many enemies attack you at the same time, I advise that you shouldn’t appear before them, you should hide behind blocks and wait for the right opportunity to counter attacks. Keep your eyes to observe the clock on the top screen because you will only have three minutes to lead your team and get the victory at iogames. Hurry up! This chance is for you at!

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