Hanger 2: Endless Level Pack

Hanger 2: Endless Level Pack

Swing like a spiderman and survive as long as you can in Hanger 2: Endless Level Pack at abcya games. This is a simple but addicting and challenging game. Have fun!

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Hanger 2: Endless Level Pack GamePlay:

Spiderman can shoot spiderweb and move around. You can be like him in Hanger 2: Endless Level Pack. However, instead of shooting spiderweb, you shoot rope and your objective in this abcya free game is to survive as long as you can. Swing your way through every level and pass through every obstacle along the way.

You can play endless mode or select a level and play normally. In the endless mode, an endless journey is waiting for you ahead. At there, you go as far as possible and try to survive as long as you can by moving continuously to run away from the death chasing you behind. You need to be fast and stable at the same time. In the level-based mode, you race through each level. And in each level, you need to reach the finish line to unlock the next level. However, try not to lose too many body parts along the way if you want to win.

At https://abcya3.net, each time you hit the rock or cliff, you will lose a leg or an arm and other body parts. Sound so terrifying but fun! You swing to left and right, then pull yourself ahead to move on and finish your journey. You can adjust the length of the rope in order to make the action more easier. Let’s how well you are in level-based mode and how long you can survive in the endless mode. Have fun! There are many interesting games waiting for you to explore such as SlenderMan: Mystery Forest and Arcane Weapon

How to play: Use left and right arrow key to swing, up and down arrow key to adjust the length of the rope, spacebar to release rope and hang.

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