Heru is 1 of 1000 addictive flash games you can play on friv3friv3.net. Aim and shoot with your mouse to group marbles of the same color.

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Heru GamePlay:

Heru is an addictive match-3 puzzle game inspired by marble lines. Aim and shoot with your mouse to group marbles of the same color. Make a chain of at least 3 marbles of the same color to destroy them. Press SPACEBAR to change the color of the upcoming marble. Enjoy Heru!


Eliminate 3 marbles at the same color before they reach the hole. Same concept but different challenge. Welcome to Heru at ABCya !


Heru is an attractive match - 3 puzzle game brought to you by ABCya free Games. This classic game promises give you hours of fun. A line of marbles is approaching continuously. You have to aim and shoot in order to match 3 marbles in the same color to destroy them before they reach the hole.


You can exchange the color of next marbles to be easier to eliminate them. Besides, try your best not to shoot at the wrong color, because it will make the line of marbles become longer. The longer the distance from the first marble to the hole, the more points you will get. Protect the eye of Horus at all costs.


Notice that you will automatically move to the next stages after you finish the current one. It seems to be easy but harder than you can imagine. Challenge yourself by passing through every single stage without starting at the beginning, even one time. Try out more related games at ABCya 3, such as https://abcya3.net/  Much fun! Instructions: Use your mouse to play this game.


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