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Have you ever watched Shaun the Sheep - a famous British animated series? Let’s meet them against in one of the best puzzle games named Home Sheep Home 3: Lost in Space online. Timmy, Shirley, and Shaun the Sheep are in trouble. They lost in space. This game offers various levels for you to conquer. In each level, you have to help them reach the exit in the shortest time. Each sheep has their own unique abilities.

For example, Shaun jumps highest and run fastest. Teamwork plays an important role in find way back home. You must combine their abilities to pass through every obstacle. In level 1, your mission is to help them get farmer’s attention by disrupting his TV signal. You can stack the sheep to reach the TV signal out the living room and to get higher places. However, a spaceship suddenly appears and they gravitate inside the ship. They are far away from their lovely farm and beloved farmer. They have to get out of there.

At https://abcya3.net, you have to solve a puzzle in each level to help them reach the exit. Look at each object in that level and think of a wisely plan. Remember that you have to control 3 of the sheep. Only when the three of them go to the exit, the level is complete and you will move to the next stage. Don’t forget about one important thing is that sheep can use each other as the steps to get to higher places. Along the way, let’s collect all the socks. Let’s see how can you finish all levels. Have fun! More puzzle games are waiting for you on our site such as Digging Diamonds and Powerpong

How to play: Use arrow keys/WASD to move and 1/2/3 to switch between the sheep.

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