Impostor Rocketman - Help the hero defend his territory

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Impostor Rocketman

Impostor Rocketman

Some bad guys want to invade your territory. Help the hero of the online game Impostor Rocketman at abcya3 games online. let him save the territory! Ready to accept the challenge!

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Impostor Rocketman GamePlay:

Do you want to experience the war with the evil villains? Play with your friends the online game Impostor Rocketman at abcya 3 online. and feel a lot of interesting things. Together we will play and conquer all these fascinating challenges. The new version of the war is the use of high-speed rockets. But do not use rockets, but use the hero himself to shoot. Step into this exciting story and learn how to play.

You will have the opportunity to feel a lot of special things. They will never know how you fight. Your territory is under threat. You need to do everything to protect that place. But you discover the bad guys are in the distance. What do you need to do to prevent from now on? Experience new inventions with your teammates in war. You will have to enter the test. Shoot like a rocket and reach other planets. What are you waiting for? Join the online game Impostor Rocketman at now. You will have more special experiences.

You will shoot to other planets and will collect many different features to fly far and destroy those bad guys. The more power you have to fly, the less danger you will be in. The bad guys are on the ground and you will fly up high. Don't stop quickly or you will be killed with sword strikes. We will fly far together! To control well, you need to pull the cannon to the right range. If you drag one step slowly, you will not be able to fly far and end the game very quickly. Do you love this game? It's great if you play some other games similar to Tanks Pvp Showdown and Superfighters

Game controls: Use mouse or touch screen to play.

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