Intruder Combat Training

Intruder Combat Training

Jump into the battlefield and shoot down all enemies before they kill you in Intruder Combat Training online - a thrilling action-packed shooting game at abcya games

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Intruder Combat Training GamePlay:

Intruder Combat Training online is an amazing action-packed shooting game that you can play for free at https://abcya3.net/. If you’re looking for a game which gives you a freedom on how you kill the enemies and clear missions, then this one is the best choice for you. The game offers 2 play modes which are Free Play and Mission. Free Play mode includes Deathmatch and Team match. In Mission mode, there are 10 different missions waiting for you to complete.

 You have to finish the current mission to unlock the next one. Before jumping into the battlefield, you can customize your character before a match. Besides, you also can unlock maps, vests, weapons, and gear through missions. Vests offer you perk such as health, ammo, and speed. Your enemies are hidden everywhere. They do not stand still and wait for you. They appear suddenly and shoot you immediately, so you have to watch out every corner. Be ready to aim and shoot them right away. If it’s too late, you die. Kill or be killed? It’s all up to you. Have a tactic and strategy in your mind and apply it in the combat to get the best result. You do not need to have a great strategy, but also a little bit of luck to win the battle.

Collect guns, ammo, and grenades, and take advantage of them in the battle to survive as long as you can. More and more dangerous enemies are coming. Stay alert and keep calm. Good luck! Test your shooting skills in another shooter game called Mass Mayhem 2099 AD and Death Squad: The Last Mission

Controls: Use arrow keys/WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot, Q to switch weapons, R to reload, spacebar to throw the grenade.

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