Lada Car Keys

Lada Car Keys

Many keys are missing in Lada Car Keys. Where are they now? Well, these keys are hidden in each picture in the challenging Lada Car Keys online game. If you have a good vision, you can find them all at glance. However, your eyes can be deceived by many ot

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Lada Car Keys GamePlay:

Hey, why do you look so bored? You find nothing to do or nothing can attract your attention, right? Abcya3 games knows what can cheer you up right away. Why don’t you come and play Lada Car Keys? It’s a fun finding hidden object game that challenges your eyes and your patience. Let’s check whether you have a good vision or not. The game offers a total of 5 interesting and challenging levels with a different image in each one.

Your objective is to find out and collect 15 hidden keys in the specified picture in each level within 2 minutes. They have randomly placed all around. When entering a certain level, you will immediately find out various keys at ease. Gradually, when your eyes are attracted by other objects, you will find it hard to collect the remaining keys at https://abcya3.net/. So, try your best to stay focused on the key shape only, ok? If the time runs out or you make 5 mistakes without finding all the keys, you will lose.

Besides, the next level will be unlocked only if you finish the current one with Abcya games. The game becomes more interesting and fun when you play it with your friends or family members. Gather and find all hidden keys together and beat all 5 levels in the shortest time. What more are you looking for? Enjoy Lada Car Keys now! If you want to play more games, many games are available at Abcya3.net waiting for you. Try these following options and you will love them: Transformers Car Tires.

How to play: Use your mouse to play.

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