Mass Mayhem 2099 AD

Mass Mayhem 2099 AD

Mass Mayhem 2099 AD online is an epic shooting game at abcya3.net offering various missions that you have to complete. Missions are ready. What’s about you?

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Mass Mayhem 2099 AD GamePlay:

It’s 2099 AD. You are in a disordered world. There is no rule or order here. People are free to do whatever they want. Such a messy world! In Mass Mayhem 2099 AD - a crazy shooting game, there is no fact about you. Where you come from? Who are you? What is your real career? T

here is no clear answer to these questions. Just know that you grab weapons and go around to killing. Yes, imagined that you are hired by someone and you have to finish the missions as required to earn money. At abcya3, the game offers many different missions including killing people and destroying everything. Once you finish a mission, you will get money to buy more powerful weapons, new types of equipment and upgrade to make yourself be an ultimate killer mech. A new harder mission will come. Simply kill everybody and destroy everything on your path.

Move from this place to that place, going through space and time with the magic gate and try your best to finish your mission to earn as many money as you can. The more people killed, the more people injured, the more object destroyed, the more money you earn. This abcya game is bloody and violent, not suit young age. You must consider before playing. However, besides those noticeable points, it’s fun and entertaining which gives you an enjoyable gaming experience. Play the game as you want and release your anger on everything here. Play and have fun! Many games are added to Death Squad: The Last Missionregularly & Mutilate A Doll 2. Some new games that you should try are https://abcya3.net/

How to play: Use arrow keys to move and jump, spacebar to shoot, X to drive, J to use propeller attack, 1 to 4 to switch weapons.

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