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You are trained to become an astute solider. Now, you work as a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army. Yesterday, you are given a top secret, high-risk mission, that is alone entering the enemy base and destroying something extremely dangerous things. Are you confident to complete that mission? If yes, let’s start. Mechanical Soldier at abcya3 is an awesome shooting game offering various stages in which you have to finish a separate mission in each stage.

Equip yourself with powerful weapons and a military aircraft will drop you near the enemy base. Then, you slowly and carefully approach the target. It seems that the enemy has discovered your presence. They are coming to stop you. They are too crowded. You must immediately aim and shoot them before getting shot. Your gun will reload automatically when the bullets run out. Hide if the enemies attack at abcya. When a mission is done, you earn money. Save the money until it’s enough to buy a new weapon or upgrade the current one. This is necessary because a new weapon is more powerful. 16 levels are 16 different missions. The difficulty increases slightly as your processes. You will face more dangerous enemies. Along the way, you may see some means. Don’t hesitate, but use it to get there faster. Besides weapons, you also purchase new clothes and helmets.

They play an important role. Each type of clothes and helmets have its own stats which help you complete the mission easier. Let’s show your enemies that you are the best mercenary. Enjoy! More shooting games are added to now. Don’t miss out these following options such as Mass Mayhem 2099 AD & Jeff The Killer

Instructions: For solider, you use WASD or arrow keys to move and mouse to aim and shoot. For the vehicle, you use WASD or arrow keys to drive.

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