Mineblock is a sandbox game in which you can build your own world like what you have in your mind. Mining, collecting and building whatever you want in the huge blocky world. If you are a loyal fan of sandbox building game like Minecraft, you should not m

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Mineblock GamePlay:

Inspired by Minecraft - one of the most creative games out there, Mineblock is a large blocky world of unlimited opportunities in which everything is possible. With exciting and addictive role playing game elements at Abcya, you can freely decide where to go and what to build. First of all, you should mine and collect different materials to create and build whatever you want.

Things you can not do in the real world, you can do in this virtual world. Build a magnificent cattle, a modern metropolis or even seven wonders of nature in the world, just create the most elaborate structures you can dream of. Besides, you also want to craft tools and weapons to fight against monsters chasing you at night. Here at Abcya.net, you can tame animals to have more friends stay side by side with you and help you in your adventure. Tons of interesting things are waiting for you in your own world. Explore the environment and make something great. Feel free to do anything and everything according your imagination. The limit is probably just your imagination, not this world. Hope you have a great time.

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How to play:

Use WASD/Cursor keys and mouse to move; Space to jump; left/right click to mine and place items; press 1 - 9 to select item slots; T to throw items; C to add trees; Ctrl + S to save; Ctrl + L to load and Esc to pause.

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