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In this adventurous strategy game your fairy world is under attack by evil creatures. Assemble an epic army of little monsters, drill and command them through all battles to defeat the invaders and regain your lost powers. Enjoy Monster Saga.


Welcome to the exciting adventure of the Saga Monster! Monsters are everywhere and their purpose is to destroy your beautiful kingdom. What are you waiting for? Jump into this exciting strategy game at Abcya now!


Control your troops to knock out waves of toxic monsters until they run out of energy. Then, you can train monsters and turn them into your troops. However, training will take a long time, so you should consider carefully and give a reasonable tactic in the game at Abcya Games free.


Don’t forget to earn a lot of money and use this money to upgrade your troop power. One more thing, please be more careful with the dangerous monsters during training because they can attack you at any time. Go ahead and get the victory at Abcya online!


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Use your mouse to control and train your troop.

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