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How well you can be when playing as two characters at the same time in the same game? That sounds confuse and silly, doesn’t it? Well, in an interesting and silly game named Murder, you are both of the murderer and the king. It is a fun endless killing process. In the beginning, you are the murderer who attempts to assassinate the king without noticing. At, after the king dies, you replace his position which is the king.

However, the silly and fun thing is that when being the king, there will a murderer who appears behind you and also want to send you to the heaven. As a murderer, you sneakily walk behind and wield your knife to stab the king from behind at the right time. The killing action is done when the red bar on the top of the screen is full. If you see the king coughs or shows any sign, you must stop what you are going to do. If you get caught, you will be thrown into prison. While being a king at abcya 3, your mission is to keep yourself safe by trying to detect the assassination of the person behind. If you see the murderer rises up his weapon, you have to turn around immediately.

Then, that person will live forever in the prison. This is a fun game that everyone can play. Gameplay is interesting and easy enough for all ages. If you want to play more games after spending too much time on this one, you always find a series of games at ABCya Games such as Red Panda Surfer and Crush the Castle Adventures

How to play: Use Spacebar to play the game.

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