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My Shark Show

My Shark Show

Are you ready to participate in an action game with a shark? Let's control the shark in My Shark Show at abcya3 games online in the smartest way.

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My Shark Show GamePlay:

My Shark Show at abcya3 games is an extremely attractive and exciting action game. The setting of the game is a show with the participation of many spectators to witness the talent of a shark. The audience will sit in the upper row and cheer each time the shark completes the goals set by the trainer. From the moment you start playing this game, I believe you will enjoy it because the graphics are extremely eye-catching and bright. You will feel like you are attending a professional show of sharks.

Your task in My Shark Show at is to control a shark to overcome the challenges that the trainer gives. You will have to help the shark eat all the pieces of meat that are hung on high by controlling the shark to jump up high. In addition, sharks can destroy schools of young fish, humans are climbing boats or jumping through circles to score many points. Every time the shark completes a task, it will score more points and finish each round. This game is divided into 18 different levels and your mission is to unlock all these levels and become the top on the leaderboard.

Do your best to win as many gold coins and scores as possible to use them on more difficult rounds. It can help you buy power-ups or escape dangerous obstacles. Are you ready to explore this game? Don't forget to play some similar games such as Squid Challenge and Super Friday Night Funkin vs MinedCraft. Hope that you will have a great time with My Shark Show.

Control: To control the shark, you only use the arrow keys or tap directly on the screen for the mobile or tablet.

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