Once In The Cave

Once In The Cave

Once In The Cave at abcya3 is an interesting adventure game in which you play as a brave who's in charge of defeating the evil wizard. Start your journey and be careful!

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Once In The Cave GamePlay:

A beautiful world has been invaded by the forces of an evil wizard. As a brave magician, you start the journey of defeating them. In Once In The Cave online game at abcya3, you are on a thrilling quest to find and kill an evil wizard and her army. You have a long journey full of enemies and obstacles.

Grab weapons, learn new spells and powerful potions to win the missions. The fate of the magic kingdom is on your hand. In the game, you move from platform to platform to reach the exit at the end of the road. Along the way, you have to kill waves of enemies using the spell, try to collect as many golden and silver coins as possible to purchase potions, health, buy new weapons or upgrade the current one. Don’t let any enemy touch you because you will get hurt and die. Look at your health bar at the left top of the screen, fill it with health potion collected on the way. In each stage at abcya, you have a separate mission and your objective in each stage is to reach the exit safely.

Your enemies will try to stop you at all cost, so watch out and fight anyone of them who stands in your way. As the game processes, the level of difficulty increases significantly. More enemies and dangers are waiting for you ahead, so don’t forget to visit the shop and upgrade yourself. Have a great time! More related games are coming.

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How to play: Use arrow keys to move and jump, spacebar to grab the item, W/E to attack, 1 - 5 to switch weapons.

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