Ragdoll Pirates

Ragdoll Pirates

Pirate boats are coming to loot your island. Use your powerful cannon to kill them before they take their first step on the beach. Play Ragdoll Pirates at abcya games online

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Ragdoll Pirates GamePlay:

You are the owner of a rich island. Due to its richness, it attracts many badasses from all over the world. They come to this island to search for the treasures. Your peaceful life is blown by them. Let’s stop this annoying situation. Let’s them know who is truly boss here, who is the owner of this island and who they persistently carry out attacks. Your only weakness is that you are alone while the enemies are too crowded.

In Ragdoll Pirates at https://abcya3.net/, your mission is to destroy all pirate ships and rafts before they reach your island. Don’t let them step on your land. You have 2 weapons to sink them deep down the sea. Control your cannon and shoot bombs or give them a case shot. You should shoot them down when they are in your view from far away because the bomb needs some times to explode.

If you shoot them when they are close to you, the bomb will not explode in time. Besides, sometimes, there are more than 2 pirates in a boat while you just launch a bomb each time and each bomb can kill only one person, so you should take advantage of your case shot.

As the game processes, you will find it hard to defeat them. Their speed will be faster. In addition, if there are 5 pirates reach your island, the game is over. Try your best to defend your island. The pirates won’t stop their goal. They will find a way to dominate your island at all costs. Stay strong and be ready for every situation. Good luck! When you destroy all pirates and save your island successfully, you may want to look for another interesting action game, then check out Sheriff Lombardooo and Zombie Survival 

How to play: Use your mouse to aim and should; press spacebar for a case shot; press A and D to scroll the screen.

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