Robot Dome

Robot Dome

Invaders are coming. Control your mech and jump into the battle to save the world. Robot Dome online at abcya games challenges your shooting skill and your wit. Check it out now!

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Robot Dome GamePlay:

Welcome to a cool mech fighting action game that you can play for free any time, anywhere at https://abcya3.net/. Robo Dome doesn’t bring you to the battle between people and people but between mech and mech. You have to defeat your enemy through various rooms. In each room, you face an enemy who is as powerful as you. Are you ready for the battle? Shooting through various rooms in the doom to save the world from invaders.

The fade of humanity is in your hand. In some rooms, you have to face directly your opponent. Whose health bar drop into 0 first is the loser. In some levels, you can hide to dodge the bullet. Each room features a different structure which is both good and bad. Besides using the object in the battlefield as the cover, you can activate your shield to block the bullet of your opponent. Plan a wisely strategy to defeat them as quick as possible. The faster you defeat them, the more benefit you get. After finishing the current stage, you enter the exit to enter the next battle.

As the game processes, you will find it more challenging. Remember that when meeting a mech that is powerful than you, you must apply a great strategy. With the simple controls, fun gameplay and awesome graphics, this top-down shooting game will bring you the best fighting experience ever. Try it and you’re sure to amaze with its features. Do you want to test your skills in another game like this one, then let’s give Angry Cat Shot and Streets Rage a try! Have fun!

How to play: Use arrow keys to move, Z to shoot and X to block.

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