Sheriff Lombardooo

Sheriff Lombardooo

In a remote western town, bandits are coming to rob the bank. Who will stand up to defeat them? It’s you. Protect the town at all costs in Sheriff Lombardooo at abcya games online

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Sheriff Lombardooo GamePlay:

A small town in the Wild West is a peaceful place where the sheriffs have nothing to do because there is no crime here. Until one day, a mob of gangsters is coming. They want to rob the bank. As a sheriff of this town, you can’t let it happen. With the gun on your hand, you are ready to defeat all of them and let them know who is the ultimate hero here. However, the bandits are too crowded and you are alone.

Besides, the carpenter removed the bank door for repair and now, it’s protected by the barricades, so you need to climb to the top of the bank to fight against the bandits. In Sheriff Lombardooo at https://abcya3.net, try your best to shoot down all baddies before they break through the last defenders and bring all money away. Aim and shoot properly to kill as many bandits as you can and as fast as possible. In each level, you have a limited number of bullets, so try not to miss as little as possible. In addition, you need to move flexibly to avoid the coming bullets.

If your health bar drops to zero, you die and the bank is robbed. After completing each level successfully, you will earn coin. You use it to upgrade your gun stats in the gun shop or buy the new one which is more powerful. This abcya game offers in the total of 15 exciting levels. Conquer all of them with 3 stars if you’re skillful enough. Defend your bank and your town at all costs. Good luck! If you want to play a more fun game, let’s try out this following option: Zombie Survival and Gate Rusher

How to play: Use Arrow keys or WAD to move and jump; left mouse to aim and shoot; 1-4 to choose weapon; O or Z to reload the weapon.

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