Shoot The Watermelon - Beat out all of the watermelons

  • Shoot The Watermelon

Shoot The Watermelon

Shoot The Watermelon

Train yourself a certain concentration skill. Wish you have a lot of relaxing moments when participating in the game Shoot The Watermelon at abcya 3 games

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Shoot The Watermelon GamePlay:

Observe the watermelon ahead and use your friend's gun to shoot it. You don't have to play an intense fighting game but shoot fruit. Isn't it wonderful? The game Shoot The Watermelon at abcya 3 games will give you a lot of new feelings right from the first time you join. You just need to target your watermelon. Aim for the watermelon, pull the trigger, and shoot the watermelon. Enjoy the most explosive real smashes and splashes from a watermelon. In this fruit gun simulator game, you will crush fruits by focusing on your target and destroy them.

There will be people standing around watermelon fruit or watermelon fruit in places on the human body. You need to move the gun and shoot it accurately. Don't shoot at the characters in this game. This will help you to finish the game. Let's unlock lots of next levels and in different shooting places. With so many watermelons at the same time, you will be able to train yourself to concentrate more and observe. The most accurate aiming of each level will bring you different and new experiences. In this shooting game you can both unleash your self-passion but not join a fierce battle but completely relax when participating in the game Shoot The Watermelon at

Enjoy the explosive noises emanating to satisfy you the most. Win all the levels and games and earn yourself the watermelon. What are you waiting for without sharing the game to your friends with your friends participating in the game; together you become the most professional watermelon shooters. You will have a lot more experience when participating in other similar games like Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense and Shootout Bender

Control: Use mouse to aim the gun.

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