To all parents and guardians,

At, we prioritize the safety of children while they enjoy our website. We understand your concerns about your child's online experience, and we are committed to providing a secure environment. Below, you'll find information about our site's operation. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

What is is a browser-based gaming platform designed for children. Our website offers a diverse range of games including educational, puzzle, adventure, and creativity-focused games. While our games are free to play, we may display advertisements to support our platform.

How can I ensure my child's safety?

Ensuring your child's safety online is paramount. Here are some essential guidelines:

Advise your child to never share personal information such as their address, email, or phone number. Encourage your child to select a safe username that doesn't reveal personal details or attract unwanted attention. Teach your child to immediately report any discomforting content or online interactions to you. Emphasize the importance of honesty about their age while using the website.

What measures do you take to ensure my child's safety?

We rigorously monitor the content on our website to ensure it adheres to the following guidelines:

Respect for the rights and dignity of others. Prohibition of fraudulent, obscene, indecent, or objectionable content. Additionally, we employ language filters to prevent the display of unacceptable language within our games.

Can my child make purchases on this website?

All games on are free to play. While some games may offer in-game purchases, users will be prompted to review and agree to separate terms and conditions before making any purchases. does not facilitate in-game purchases directly but provides links to games that may offer such features.

What should I do if my child encounters an inappropriate ad?

We strive to ensure that the advertisements displayed on our website are appropriate for our audience. If you encounter an ad that you believe is unsuitable, please report it to us by emailing [email protected] with a screenshot and relevant details. We will investigate and take appropriate action promptly.

Do you collect personal data from children?

Our data collection practices are outlined in our Privacy Policy. If you have concerns about data tracking or suspect your child has provided us with personal information, please contact us at [email protected]. To safeguard users' privacy and security, we will verify the identity of the parent or legal guardian before accessing any personal data. Therefore, please include your email address and a telephone number in your correspondence.

At, we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for children. Thank you for entrusting us with your child's online activities.


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