SlenderMan: Mystery Forest

SlenderMan: Mystery Forest

Find what you need to find and get out of this mystery park before the most horrible thing to get you in SlenderMan: Mystery Forest at abcya 3 games. Be brave and run if needed.

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SlenderMan: Mystery Forest GamePlay:

SlenderMan: Mystery Forest is a great combination of survival and honor game in which you have to find 6 balls to end your nightmare. Watch out Slenderman who can appear suddenly from anywhere. Don’t know why you are alone in this abandoned park surrounded by dark forest. The atmosphere here is really terrifying. With the foreboding blood-red light and obsessive music, you may feel like there is no tomorrow.

You will be engulfed in horror to death. Here at https://abcya3.net/, your goal is to find 6 numbered balls while watching out the slender man. These balls can be anywhere in this empty park and so doesn't the slender man. You don’t have any friends or companions or equipment to defend yourself. The only item you have is a flashlight. You must grope in dim light. The creepy feeling covers you. Will you able to finish your mission and escape this hellish nightmare before something eldritch catches you? Let’s start finding the balls from 1 to 6 and escape in time. Something quietly pursuit and come to you in the darkness. and come to you in the darkness. You must be brave and run if needed.

This abcya game is not suitable for kids or the faint of heart but for those who are ready to face the danger and honor. It tests your brave. Moving around and looking carefully because there is no hint helping you find out these balls. You have to rely on yourself. Good luck to you! If you find this game too easy for you, let’s try the harder one which is Arcane Weapon and Ragdoll Pirates. Enjoy!

How to play: Use arrow keys to move and mouse to look.

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