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Squirrel Rescue requires brilliance and logical thinking in Abcya3.net. You go to a forest, a cave, a farm, and a cottage to accomplish missions. The only one target is rescuing a squirrel. You collect lotuses to take a bracelet. Give the animal the string. Squirrel Rescue game challenges your brain at abc y. Enjoy!


Squirrel Rescue free game is a puzzle game. You must finish many missions to rescue a squirrel. It is under lock in key in a dark cave. Your task is saving it. There are many settings and situations. You must arrange four kinds of fruit including pineapple, apple, mango, and banana to open a small cave. Take a carrot and feed a rabbit with that carrot to take a paper roll. Take a stone on abc y games. Open the paper roll and remember the numbers.


Use numbers to open a hole and collect a key and a screwdriver. Take another stone and a stick. Use the key and screwdriver to open a gate and door. Collect a bottle and a matchbox. Hit a buffalo to let a man go outside. Take the flower on his hair. Put three stones on the stream to let the money cross the stream. Puck another lotus at abc y online games. Set fire and put out it. Pour water into a hole and grow a lotus. Take the lotus.


Open a chest and choose right pictures to get the lotus. Now you have 4 lotuses. Use a wheel to open another chest. Take a roast chicken. Use the chicken to distract a lion and take the fifth lotus. Put five lotuses in a flat basket. Then take the bracelet of the monk. Wear the string of beads on the squirrel. Now you save the animal and win the game.   


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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.
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