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This world is in chaos. People fight each other. Clashes are happening everywhere. Even you’re leisurely walking on the street, you will easily get attacked by strangers. In order to defend yourself, you must be stronger. Fight anyone who attacks you. Show no mercy. Protecting yourself is the most important thing nowadays.

In Streets Rage - one of the most addictive fighting games that you can find at, your objective is to K.O everyone who tries to kill you on the street. Punch straight at their face and kick them like crazy to defend yourself. You are alone in this fight while your opponents are crowded. You have less advantage but you are skillful and strong. No one can stop you if you stay focused.

Do not neglect because, in a second, you can also be in danger. Always be in a ready state to defend and attack effectively. Sometimes, the defense is the best offense and sometimes, the offense is the best defense. Give your opponents the most powerful kick and punch. More badass will come from all directions. This is an endless fight. Unleash super moves, watch your back and watch your front to survive as long as possible. What is waiting for you ahead? Let's discover. Be ready for all dangerous situations. Good luck!

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Have a great moment!

How to play: Use arrow keys to move, spacebar to jump, Z/X/C to punch/kick/defend.

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