Super Tornado.io

Super Tornado.io

Your mission is to destroy the whole city with your move. Enjoy it with new gameplay now in the fun game Super Tornado.io at abcya3 games. Good luck!

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Super Tornado.io GamePlay:

Tornado is appearing in this city that is the goal that you need to accomplish. Based on this tornado is to destroy all the cities and collect the biggest tall buildings to give you a high score. Sounds interesting right? This is a new game Super Tornado.io at abcya 3 hot games genre that has just been released. Around you, there will be tornadoes of enemies. This game is not so easy but it has many difficulties.

There are tornadoes of other enemies they are very powerful. So every time you encounter it, you need to avoid it. You can kill tornadoes that are smaller than you by rushing over and eating them. Try to go to tall buildings collect all the biggest and most beautiful houses to give you a chance to live longer in the fierce game. This is a battle between tornadoes against each other. It's hard to stay alive! Be aware that around you there will be obstacles and things that you cannot touch. Be careful everything because if you go too fast and move out of control then you will not be able to conquer the game and become the last survivor.

There will be many different players transforming into tornadoes and vying for the first ranking. Focus on the observation game and use your ingenuity to destroy all the buildings in the city with one tornado of yours. Be the most destructive tornado in this game that no one can confront you. Do not hesitate and invite your friends to participate in the most unique tornado game Super Tornado.io at https://abcya3.net/ ever for more experiences. Discover a few more similar tornado game genres like TankRoyale.io and Catac.IO

Control: Use the mouse to help your character move and collect tall buildings.

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