SuperSpin.io: Try to be the fastest spinner on the whole map and hit much slower players to eliminate them and absorb their spin points.

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Do you feel bored with one-player games? Are you looking for a game that brings you an international space with professional players? Why don’t you try to play Superspin.io at Abcya Games? This is the game that can meet all your requirements. This game has something interesting? Follow me and find the answer.

Super Spin.IO, the cool fidget spinner themed multiplayer online IO game at ABCya3.net. Enter a nickname, customize your toy and step into the giant arena.

You start with a still spinner. Move through the map and collect those shining dots to start rotating. For every dot you will earn 1 spin point, so you will rotate a little faster ABCya.

Some interesting points in the game

I bet that this game will attract players at many special points. Firstly, inspired by the famous fidget game in the world, Superspin.io will bring new emotions to the players by combining unique action games and puzzle games at ABCya. Here, your task is to control the fidget carefully and collect as many useful items as possible on the screen.

Secondly, the gameplay of this game is extremely attractive. In this battle, you will face many other talented players around the world. So, this game will create a battle with high competitiveness for all opponents. First, you will be the smallest object on the battlefield. The more objects you eat, the bigger you will be. Therefore, you should take every opportunity to collect objects and increase the size. In particular in abc ya, these objects will scatter everywhere with a large amount, so it is not too hard for you to pick them up.

Finally, you need to have a defensive strategy in the game because the enemies are everywhere in the battle. Keep your eyes to avoid touching the bigger fidgets because the game will end immediately. One useful tip for you is that you should focus on developing the size of the object before attacking other players. Are you ready to challenge all players at ABCya games? Everything is ready for you to explore!

Try to be the fastest spinner on the whole map and hit much slower players to eliminate them and absorb their spin points. Take your nickname all the way to the top of the scoreboard. Enjoy Superspin io!


Mouse = control spinner, Click = dash

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I love to this game because it's on phone

Good idea. A bit like slither but completely different in its own way .


It was epic!

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