Three Lines

Three Lines

Confident for an adventure game genre and go head-to-head with all your opponents. You will be the winner right now in the game Three Lines at abcya 3 games. Good luck!

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Three Lines GamePlay:

Rush fast with a breakneck speed to be able to collect a lot of dots and bring you a high amount of money. A game genre Three Lines at https://abcya3.net/ with extremely simple gameplay that will surely make you addicted the first time you join. In the game, you will control a simple transparent dot.

Then collect as many dots of color that are appearing in front of you. The more you collect, the higher your money will be, and use that money to unlock more next levels. After the level, more and more dots will appear. You need to use your smart brain to control and don't miss any dot. This is so bad you won't be able to get a high score. If you are too bored with fashion games then this is a good opportunity for you to relax and unwind in a fascinating adventure game type. Control a lot of your dots to make a fascinating hunt for prey. This is a game mainly power to relax after stressful working hours.

Do you have fun participating in this type of game? Simple gameplay and no fussy gameplay will bring you a lot of comforts. Red dots appear a lot with a really fast speed. Try to control them in the palm of your hand and take the initiative in this game Three Lines at abcya3 games. When you get smart brain quickly invite your friends to join the game come together can be entertained in the simplest style game genre Turn Dot and Fruity Veggie Memory. You can conquer countless amazing things just in other similar games like.

Control: Use your mouse to speed up your dots.

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