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Vampirina Candy Shooter welcomes you to the world of sweet candies and fruit at Abcya. Use all of your shooting skills to shoot down all the fruits and candy before they fall off the screen. Who will be the best player of Vampirina Candy Shooter at frivgame? Discover Vampirina Candy Shooter game now!


Vampirina Candy Shooter at Abcya games is one of the most interesting shooting games which your main mission is to shoot down all items like sweets or fruit on the screen. Here, there are lots of candy and fruits stacked in different rows at the top of the screen.


Your goal is to shoot at least 3 items of the same type and make them disappear on the screen. The difficulty is that the items will be messy and interlaced. Therefore, finding items of the same type will become more difficult in this shooting game at Abcay. Moreover, these series of items will fall from top to bottom on the screen. So you have to shoot continuously and accurately before they fall below the screen.


This means that the game will end immediately. Keep your eyes to observe carefully and give a reasonable tactic in the game at Abcya kids. One more thing, the drop rate of items will increase continuously, so you have to shoot quickly, correctly and continuously to get the highest score.


Don’t forget to complete each mission and conquer the next levels. With cool graphics and simple gameplay, I believe that this game won’t make you feel disappointed. Don’t miss any chance to have many wonderful experiences with at Abcya games online.



Shoot items with your left mouse in the game.

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