Virtual Knee Surgery

Virtual Knee Surgery

Welcome to Virtual Knee Surgery online at abcya online! Today, you will perform knee surgery for an old patient. With years of experience, you will surely succeed. Good luck!

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Virtual Knee Surgery GamePlay:

Virtual Knee Surgery will show you the process of replacing a falling knee joint. Today, your patient is a seventy-six years-old man. After checking the health stats of the patient and the nurse has prepared everything. You are ready to act. You use a marker to write your initials on the patient’s left leg.

After the patient is unconscious and before the first incision is made, you need to establish a sterile field around the surgical area. You must clean his leg with Betadine solution, then use a marker to mark where the incision will go. Use a scalpel to slice the leg open and grab the bovie from the tool tray and click each of the five bleeding veils to cauterize them. Along the process, you follow the in-game instructions to keep the work going.

This great simulator game does not only allow you to learn about the process of replacing a falling knee joint step by step, but also experience yourself in each step. Here at https://abcya3.net/, sometimes, you have to answer some yes/no and choose the right answer questions which add more information about what you have never known before. It’s a great chance to open your mind and your eyes to see how to replace a falling knee joint.

This abcya game shows a really detailed process and it’s related to something not suitable for kids or those who don’t like these things. So let’s consider before playing. If you’re looking for more games related to doctor or patient and so on, let’s check out Gamellina Dollhouse and Elsa New House Decoration. Hope you have a great time!

How to play: Use your mouse to pass through the process of replacing a falling knee joint.

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